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A journey of sound, sight and story. How one woman loses her innocence at a young age due to cultural inequity, whilst navigating a terrain foreign to her ancestors. Being displaced, moved from land, uprooted, is intergenerational. How does a young woman who’s been colonised for centuries free herself? 


This is her story. She finds her freedom by leaning on the art of listening to herself, to others and to the earth. A carefully woven tapestry of transforming pain into beauty, into magic, into possibility. She uncovers a quenching truth that gives her access to what she lost as a child; her innocence.


“I have had the great pleasure of watching Zaynab Mohammed grow as (an) a multi-disciplinary artist over a number of years of working with her, both in my capacity at the Nelson Museum, Archives & Gallery (NMAG) and with the Nelson & District Arts Council (NDAC). 

Her performance of her one-woman show, “Are We Listening?”, in the Cold War Bunker, was both heartbreaking and hopeful. Zaynab is such a profoundly good storyteller, she takes the audience on a journey sharing her vulnerability, generosity, and resilience. She contextualizes the enormous scope of the world we live in into a personal narrative that everyone can relate to.”

-Stephanie Myers

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