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Performance of Are You Listening? a one-woman show

About me

I am a Performance Poet and Multi-Disciplinary Artist. I won the Richard Carver Award in 2022, the same year I was a BC Culture Days Ambassador. My career as a poet began in 2014 when I came across the idea of writing poems for people on the street, on a typewriter. I’ve written hundreds of poems over the past decade for strangers across Canada, the US and Australia. 

The way I have learned my craft is through experience and action. In the early days, I organised and hosted two series of events; Art Party’s and The House of Word. My ability to bring artists and community together gave me a foundation of understanding the industry I have chosen to work in.  

In the past decade, I have completed many projects to elevate my career to new heights. From performance poetry, to teaching written and spoken word, to painting a mural (with another on the way), to having art shows with my visual framed poems and to my poem booth, where I continue to write folks custom poems.  

As a child of immigrants, born on the coast of BC Canada, my art is how I reckon with my identity whilst I live in rural and white Nelson BC. I am Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian. I am my culture personified. Since I live out of context to my origins, I rely on stories and perspectives inherited from those who came before me. My current projects, a spoken word series and a memoir,  are anchors to my longing to belong, to my people, from afar.

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