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Zaynab Mohammed is an award-winning professional performance poet.  She was born on the coast of BC Canada, to immigrant parents fleeing war torn countries.

"I am Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian. The countries my parents grew up in, the cultures my family carries, the language of my grandmothers, the smell of tea and the taste of sweets, are what root me in my being. I pay homage to my ancestors, that carry my heavy heart, as I weave stories and poems to share with the world."

Inspired by the hardships her family has endured, her writing touches on what is possible in the realms of healing and creating new ways forward.


She is a visionary creative who has been healing herself through the written word, by sharing her story and by giving her audience reflections into self-love and self-empowerment.

Her latest production, "Are You Listening?" a one-woman show, met hundreds of people on stages across the West & East Kootenays fall of 2023. 

Poetry is integral to Zaynab's lifestyle. She started Poem Booth in 2014 while hitchhiking across Canada. She hosts the Nelson Poetry Slam and performs at various events in her region and provincially.​

Zaynab currently lives and works in Nelson BC with her dog Threshold. 

Photo by: Kai Cabodyna

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