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Are You Listening?

A one-woman show

A journey of sound, sight and story.


How one woman loses her innocence at a young age due to cultural inequity, whilst navigating a terrain foreign to her ancestors. Being displaced, moved from land, uprooted, is intergenerational. How does a young woman who’s been colonised for centuries free herself? This is her story. She finds her freedom by leaning on the art of listening to herself, to others and to the earth. A carefully woven tapestry of transforming pain into beauty, into magic, into possibility. 

Are We Listening?

A short film

In 2022, Zaynab was selected as one of eight BC Culture Days Ambassadors. The project involved a community participatory aspect which translated into a short film. Zaynab interviewed the local public and weaved the 30+ hours of conversation into a 10 minute film. She is the listener in this project, speaking through her bodies movement.


 Filmed by Kai Cabodyna.

Zaynab has been selected to participate in the upcoming artstarts directory. She will be performing her one-woman show, Are You Listening? in schools across BC upon booking request.


For more information about her offerings, visit the Art Starts Directory Page.

Having deep and meaningful connections with strangers strangely fills my cup. A slow moment full of poetry, prose and heart is a memory in the making. This offering has helped me build confidence over nearly a decade of putting myself out there and seeing what magic erupts through connection! 

Nelson Poetry Slam Host

Nelson Poetry Slam + Open Mic is a special community event that happens on the 3rd Wednesday of each month in Nelson BC. The Royal on Baker Street hosts us and the community of poets and poetry lovers fill the space in a loving and supportive manner. 

Follow the event for updates, features and more on facebook or instagram.

From The Heart Mentor

The past few years through the pandemic Zaynab has kept the spark of connection alive in this project. It is a youth led artistic expression project weaved through several high schools and for local youth ages 15-30. Teachings based in Indigenous knowledge. Multi-generational learning.

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