ARE we listening 

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Last year Zaynab was an artist in residence at The Civic Theatre. The residency offered her a year to explore a question she had burning inside her. It was about process and not product.


Her question was and still is, What Is Listening? 


Year one was an inward process where Zaynab had to dig deep and listen to her own inklings and make big changes in her life. She moved away from Nelson BC to the forest, and unplugged. This reset her nervous system which then allowed her to feel ready to move closer to civilization again and reconnect with electricity, running water and Wifi (she had none of these when she was living in a yurt in the forest.)

This year, she is a BC Culture Days ambassador working within the Earth Endeavors series. To learn and participate in her ongoing project, visit her event page.

Her intention is to find connections with what people share with her in regards to listening. Her findings will inform the one-woman show that she is currently writing. Canada Council For The Arts has funded this part of her project. 

"Big THANK YOU to The Civic Theatre for their continued support and for the artist in residence opportunity in 2021. THANK YOU to artistic mentor Pat Henman, who is helping me reach new heights. THANK YOU to the funders who believe in my project and are supporting my vision. THANK YOU to participants and community engagements. THANK YOU to the arts, what a joy (and sometimes frustration) to be an artist."

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