Zaynab Mohammed is an award-winning poet. 


Her poetry invocation took off at a spoken word workshop in 2013, leading her to continue exploring this medium of expression through workshops, courses and practice. 


Open mics and poetry slams were her gateway into the world of poetry. 


In 2014, she began to write poems on her baby blue smith corona typewriter at the Halifax buskers festival. This has transpired to her travelling poem booth, which has sustained her travels over the years. 


She is an Arabic woman. Her Arabic mother tongue is rooted in poetry. 


Zaynab was born in Vancouver BC, to immigrant parents fleeing war torn countries. Inspired by the hardships her family endured, her writing touches on what is possible in the realms of healing and creating new ways forward.


Her verses have become lyrics to songs she writes with her pal guitar. 


All she has learned, she teaches to the younger generations at art camps and through the regional high schools. 



She is a voice of the heart. Love. In a world that pretends to be cold. Her fire is art. Love. Burns the old. For we long to learn the beauty of bold truth. We long to be shaken. Rearrange reality with life force. Love. Living water longs for a new vessel. Stale containers could only hold us back for so long. Spill out, fill the space. Pour your heart and you will be full. Love.


Zaynab lives in the woods of the Slocan Valley with her dog Threshold.


Photo Credit: FMRL Productions

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