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Zaynab Mohammed

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"Drop into your heart. Feel it with your mind. What do you see, when you close your eyes?"

-Excerpt from 'Beneath The Surface'
by Zaynab Mohammed 2021
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"People will try to confuse you

Try to define who you are

People will try to distract you

From the love in your heart"

-Excerpt from 'Ya Binti'

by Zaynab Mohammed 2024

Performance Poet


Book Cover Are You Listening?

Are You Listening? is a journey of sound, sight and story. Using poems and stories, this memoir explores intergenerational displacement, and speaks the truths of a woman who loses her innocence at a young age due to cultural inequity, and is forced to navigate a terrain foreign to her ancestors.

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About me

As a child of immigrants, born on the coast of BC Canada, my art is how I reckon with my identity whilst I live in rural and white Nelson BC. I am Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian. I am my culture personified. Since I live out of context to my origins, I rely on stories and perspectives inherited from those who came before me. My current projects, a spoken word series and a memoir,  are anchors to my longing to belong, to my people, from afar.

Micro-Documentary + Short Films

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