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Zaynab Mohammed

Award-Winning Performance Poet


"I am Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian. The countries my parents grew up in, the cultures my family carries, the language of my grandmothers, the smell of tea and the taste of sweets, are what root me in my being. I pay homage to my ancestors, that carry my heavy heart, as I weave stories and poems to share with the world."


Winner of the Richard Carver Award, 2022

In 2023 

Zaynab painted her first mural


Produced her first one-woman show

In 2022, Zaynab interviews 47 people from her community. She asks them these questions which inform and inspire the one woman show she is currently working on.

What is listening?

Why do you listen?

When do you listen?

How do you listen?

Where do you listen from?

To yourself?

To others?

To the earth?

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